Why Research and Storytelling are Important in Public Speaking, from the expert Jono Alderson

Speaking at conferences is great for building a personal brand. It’s something that helped Jono Alderson a lot. His speaking at conferences is legendary, because of the way he speaks and the amount of content he is able to get in. That takes a lot of preparation. I talked to different speakers, asking them about how […]

You won’t always get a standing ovation

Andres Iniesta has passed the ball to Lionel Messi. World’s best football (soccer) player dribbles towards the goal. He slips by one player and shoots. The ball goes wide. Remember, this is the world’s best football player out there. Perhaps even the best ever. Yet he doesn’t score with every single shot. But he does […]

The Science of Persuasion

When we speak, we try to persuade. We try to persuade the audience of our views. We try to persuade potential clients of our products or services. We try to persuade, period. But persuasion doesn’t ‘just happen’. It happens for a reason. So we should dive into the minds of those we are targeting. And […]