Imagine you are speaking at a big industry event. After your talk, people stand up. They cheer and they come up to you. They all feel the talk made a big impact on them. They want to change the way they work. And they want YOU to help them.

This could happen to you!

Getting the most out of your public speaking talents is important for you as well as your business. Being able to present your ideas to a group of people can make a huge difference.

You will be able to persuade people to head into the direction you want them to. You will be able to better show your competencies and maybe even land a new job! Most important: people will remember you!

Your business can choose to train your entire team, but as an individual, you can get training as well! Here are some of the options:

The Basic Training course

The basic training course is set up for beginners and inexperienced speakers. The open training session covers a variety of topics that will help you become a better speaker. You will learn how to control nerves, tell a story and what makes a great presence. Learn more

The Captivating program

The Captivating program helps speakers with (some) experience become TED-like captivating speakers. You’ll learn to craft that memorable story. The program includes open sessions as well as personal coaching sessions.

The open sessions are organised in both London and The Netherlands (also in Dutch). The sessions only take place when there are enough sign-ups. Learn more


Are you an experienced speaker? Get coaching to stay on top of things. To make your presence just a little bit stronger. The coaching program also helps you get into more conferences! Learn more

Upcoming: The Deluxe Retreat program

The retreat program is a unique 3-day program in a resort somewhere in Europe. During the three days, you get intensive (personal) training. You work with a group of trainers and other speakers. The program includes a personal development plan as well.

We’ll let you know more about the Deluxe Retreat program soon! Leave your e-mail to get a notification when this starts!

Learn more about each training option or get in touch now!