About your trainer Bas van den Beld

Having years of experience in speaking, marketing and training, Bas van den Beld knows how to be a convincing speaker. And most important: he knows how to teach someone else this skill.

As Bas himself says:

“I’m actually a trained teacher! As you can read in my stories, I have studied history. In that time, I was educated to teach as well. I may not be teaching history anymore. I have been teaching on a different topic a lot in the last 15 years: digital marketing. On top of that, I come from a family of teachers, my dad, my mum, my grandma, aunts, uncles and my sister: all teachers. It’s in my DNA!

As a trained teacher, I offer training courses that generate action and results. I’ve performed training sessions for many businesses. These include companies like Comedy Central, KLM, Koozai and Blueglass. I’m also teaching MBA’s at several business schools. I’ve been training on different topics with different types of students. But the main type of students I’ve had in the past few years are marketers. People just like you!”

Bas understands persuading your audience through your talks is something marketers can learn. This made Bas set up a speaking course for marketers. This has now developed into the Speaking with Persuasion agency.

Bas is also the founder of State of Digital. He is a professional speaker and trainer and consultant.

Every day Bas helps companies develop solid marketing strategies based on the innate understanding of the needs behaviours of their customers.

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Bas has worked, trained and consulted with some of the biggest brands in technology, travel, and entertainment. Bas also lectures at several Business Schools, such as Beeckestijn Business School, as part of their MBA programs.

A trained teacher, Bas can work with all levels of an organization so knowledge gets absorbed and retained by all. Through years of experience, he is able to effectively bring together stakeholders and facilitate workshops and training that generates action and results.

As a professional speaker, Bas has spoken at many different conferences around the world including industry keynotes and small, private company seminars.

Energy and enthusiasm are some of the key ingredients of his presentations. A natural storyteller, audiences are left feeling inspired and ready to take action.

Watch a presentation by Bas here or get him to speak at your event!

Learn more about what makes him tick at http://www.basvandenbeld.com.

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