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We have worked with several speakers in the industry. Helping them find their personal speaking style. They all become more authentic, more confident and more persuasive. Here is what they said.

Ashley Ward 

Ashley’s full comments:

“Working with Bas has really helped me understand how I can be a better speaker. He noticed things I would have never thought of and really studies how you are as a speaker and where you could be. Since working with Bas I’ve noticed a huge improvement in how I present, as well as how the audience engages with my presentations.

A big thanks for that can be given to Bas and his tips on physical movement, stance, and storytelling. If you want to become a better speaker or even start speaking, I highly recommend reaching out to Bas. You won’t regret it!!”

Rachel Costello – Deepcrawl

Gijs van Puijenbroek Strategy Director Techonomy & SportsCloud

“I attended a training session by Bas to improve myself in public speaking. Bas has been able to give me many useful tips. The most valuable thing about Bas’s training is that you can apply these tips directly in practice. It has been a great help to me and I recommend everyone who wants to develop themselves in public speaking to follow this training.”

Russell O’Sullivan, Snr Digital Performance Marketing Manager Lloyds Banking

Russell’s full comments:

“I have known Bas for a number of years, where I have seen him run an array of talks on all matters of digital marketing. I approached Bas when I first started my own journey on attending conferences and presenting talks, as I was in need of some mentoring to shape what I was doing, to make it both a success and of course, so the audience understood what I was presenting and the outcomes.

He helped with a few tips on overcoming nerves and being able to make sure the start of the talk runs smoothly;

Bas has been instrumental in helping me develop my public speaking style, my confidence and approach – which has allowed me to talk across various locations in Europe to audiences from 25-400 people”

Sara Clifton, founder and CEO Search Integration

Sara’s full comments:

“We were tired of getting little out of the conferences we sent our staff to and that I have visited myself over the years.  A team needs more than an update and to listen to sometimes quite poor speaking experiences. In fact today – Video conferences and online webinars fill this space quite well.

A small team like Search Integration with 7 skilled consultants, that all need to work with persuading each other and of course the clients in the best opportunities available for them need conversational training.

What Bas offers; is something of great value to the whole team and made us all interact and learn more about ourselves and how to improve with what we already have in place!

I highly recommend all company CEOs to start spending more of their time with the team, rather than just send them of to conferences on their own and Bas did an excellent job in teaching, listening and guiding us through the day. Everyone in my team enjoyed the day!”

Ortwin Verreck – Managing Director OrangeValley

“In our business, we spend a lot of timing talking to (potential) clients. This includes sales conversations as well as event presentations and personal conversations. It is pivotal for us to do this well.

We wanted to bring our account managers and sales managers to a higher level on this. We needed a strong audience-focused approach. Bas was the perfect guide for us in this process. Both his background in marketing, his ‘audience first ‘ approach, as well as his speaking experience, made him the perfect trainer for our teams.

Both our sales and account management teams attended training sessions with Bas. They returned with loads of baggage they now use in their pitches and presentations. Making them better conversationalists.

Hiring Bas for the training sessions was crucial in our next steps to achieve a leading role as a Data Driven Digital Market Agency!”

James Murray, EMEA Product Marketing Manager Microsoft Bing

“Great teachers and great doers are seldom found in the same individual and yet Bas is one of those rare breeds that excel at both when it comes to public speaking. I’ve watched Bas enrapture audiences for years with his captivating storytelling. As a trainer, Bas is challenging, encouraging and insightful; nurturing people of all levels to realize their potential.“

Samantha Noble, Biddable Moments

“Over the years, Bas has helped me become a better speaker by giving me the confidence to actually believe in myself. It is a really daunting experience when you first get up on a stage but Bas gave me lots of helpful bits of advice along the way that really eased that pressure.”

David Iwanow

“Bas spent a day with our London team to run through how we can improve our public speaking to ensure we can better capture the audience’s attention and work on using storytelling to get our message across more succinctly. Bas did a wonderful job running the public speaking course and it was a lot of fun and the team got a lot out of the event. I would strongly recommend you chat with Bas if you want your team to perform better when presenting.”

Here’s what David said after the training session at Blueglass:

Awesome training session with @basvandenbeld today with the @blueglass team on better public speaking pic.twitter.com/XjrFxRtqT4

— David Iwanow (@davidiwanow) November 3, 2016

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