How body language can impact an audience

How body language can impact an audience

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The biggest element in communication is not your words, it’s your body language. What you say with your body is more important than what you say with your mouth.

Being able to communicate with your body makes that your impact on an audience can be much bigger.

That’s because your body brings emotion to the story.

In the last video we discussed how World Champion Public Speaking 2015, Mohammed Qathani, uses some smart techniques that help him capture the attention of the audience.

In this video, we break down how Qathani uses body language to make a more powerful story.

You can watch the entire talk of Qathani below, after I’ve explained the three things Qathani uses.

The three techniques

The three techniques Qathani uses in body language are:

Moving around on stage can make a big difference. But you have to think about HOW and WHERE you move. Walk to a specific point and tell a story there. Don’t go running around!

Yes, people CAN see your face! In fact, that’s what they look at most! And your face tells the audience how you really feel. Using facial expressions to show emotions is very powerful. Smile when you want to express happiness!

The third technique is about how Qathani uses his hands and arms. He uses them to make gestures. These gestures make a story bigger and more understandable.

Think about your body language when you are presenting! If you would like to know more about body language, we have more articles on that here on the website.

We also pay attention to these topics in our workshops and our tips newsletter. If you can’t wait for those, make sure you buy the book!

Watch the entire talk of Mohammed Qathani below:

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