Every business is different. Every business has its own character. That is why every business needs a bespoke approach. Especially when it comes to speaking. Because when your staff is representing you on a stage or in a meeting, you want to make sure they do it right. Not just by presenting the right facts and figures. But also by telling your story and representing your culture.

Making sure this happens might be costing you a lot of time and effort. We know that most businesses hardly get any new clients or new leads from speaking at events.

People are spending time and effort on preparing their presentations and being at events. They are spending your money. You fail to make an actual return on investment.

By getting your staff better prepared for a presentation you will save money. Not just helping them make a nice slide deck, but helping them to become a better speaker. By training them.

The bespoke speaking training course helps you get speakers that deliver results for you

In the course, we help your staff become better speakers. They will be better at representing your business. With your culture and your character. Bring together a group of your staff, in marketing or in sales, and have them trained.

When the course is in house, the emphasis will be on the key message of the company and how to be better at conferences

What is covered in the course?

  • In the course, there will be attention for…
  • the current situation: we will look at individual strengths and weaknesses
  • building the right story
  • understanding and connecting with the audience
  • body language
  • how to handle nerves
  • specific tips and tricks to keep the engagement
  • working towards a goal

What will your staff learn in the course?

When the workshop is over the attendees will have learned…

  • how to get attention when speaking
  • how to get engagement when speaking
  • how to be remembered and how to show their business
  • how to tell a story
  • how to build a great deck
  • specific tips and tricks that will make them a great speaker

Who is it for?

Who should attend this course?

  • Beginners and inexperienced speakers looking for confidence and starting tips
  • More experienced speakers who want to improve
  • Teams looking to benefit from speaking business-wise (make money from it)
  • Teams that want to learn how to be better at pitching
  • Teams that want to sharpen their speaking qualities and get more confidence

What else do I need to know about this course?

Length: 1 day (when more than 8 people sign up, they will be divided over two days), 3 days or tailored;

Number of participants: max 8 per day (to preserve high quality and personal attention)

Costs: Please enquire for a quote.

Learn more about the options and get in touch now!

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