Everyone wants to be a good speaker with impact.
You can be that person that persuades your audience!

The basic training course is set up for beginners and inexperienced speakers. Everyone can attend, though we keep a maximum of 12 speakers for a day. This to make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve!

The open training session covers a variety of topics that will help you become a better speaker. You will learn how to control nerves, tell a story and what makes a great presence.

What is being covered in the course?

In the course, there will be…

  • a personal approach
  • exercises for during the session and to take home
  • checklists for your presentation
  • specific tips and tricks
  • persuasion techniques
  • tips on drastically improving your body language to have more impact

What will you learn in the course?

During the day you will:

  • know how to structure a talk
  • know how to get people to listen to you AND take action
  • know how to be remembered
  •  specific tips and tricks that will make them a great speaker
  • know all the secrets I use to do stunning talks that have impact

Who is it for?

Who should attend this course?

  • Beginners and inexperienced speakers looking for confidence and starting tips
  • Anyone  that want to be better at presenting themselves


The open sessions are organised in both London and The Netherlands (also in Dutch). The sessions only take place when there are enough sign-ups.

Current options:

The Netherlands: April 9 or 16 (The Hague or Zeist)
United Kingdom: No date set yet

Tell us what days and location would fit you best and we will let you know when there are enough sign-ups!


The Prize for one person for a 5-hour session is $199

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