“Help, my presentation is next week and I am nervous and not ready!” Many speakers will know this feeling. And sometimes it just feels you can’t get out of your ‘presentation block’.

Our Last Minute Coaching program offers a solution for those speakers that need last minute help or confidence.

We will go through your presentation together. Together we’ll make it better, and we’ll take away the nerves. You’ll be better prepared.

No more worries, no more stress. Be ready when you need to be ready.

The last-minute coaching sessions can even be booked a DAY before your talk!

How much does that cost?

A one-time last minute consult is 350 pounds. You can also buy a subscription that will give you no less than 5 consults a year for only 1,000 pounds!

If you want to know more? Get in touch now and we’ll send you the details of the possibilities and set up a call!

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