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5 books to read for dealing with public speaking anxiety


Public speaking can be one of the most daunting experiences in life. It can be nerve-wracking to stand up in front of a group of people and talk about your ideas. It becomes even more intimidating when the group you have to present to gets bigger and bigger.

However, you don’t have to let your anxiety for public speaking holds you back from achieving your goals and following your dreams. You can take the necessary steps to overcome your fear and become a successful public speaker.

At Speak with Persuasion, we spend a lot of time focusing on who you are as a speaker, with that building on your confidence and taking away nerves. We have a lot of experience with it ourselves and have read a lot of books on the topic. In this article, we want to share some of the best books that can help you in overcoming your public speaking anxiety.

Speak With No Fear: Go from a nervous, nauseated, and sweaty speaker to an excited, energized, and passionate presenter

Author: Mike Acker

This book focuses on 7 strategies you can use in your battle to anxiety. The book gives you the understanding to develop a new and positive mindset towards public speaking. This guide to public speaking is very relatable. The book is great for those that really have a big anxiety for speaking in public. The author touches on the psychological sides of public speaking and writes very understandable.

Find the book on Amazon here

Public Speaking Without Fear: How to Overcome Anxiety and Present with Confidence

Author: Clare Cairns

Clare Cairns, a very experienced speaker, shares her tips and inside theatrical knowledge of how to deliver a great presentation without anxiety. Clare has a great understanding of people, which shows in her writing. If you feel like you cant do it, Clare’s book will definitely help.

The short book can serve as a quick guide or a check list when preparing for an important speech or presentation. It is clearly written and has some good exercises in it.

Find the book on Amazon here

“No Sweat Public Speaking!”: How to Develop, Practice and Deliver a Knock Your Socks Off! Presentation with – No Sweat!

Author: Fred Miller

In our training sessions we pay a lot of attention to perception of the audience. This book will show you how If you speak, people consider you to be an Expert. Perception is reality. This angle is important in the tips and tricks presented by Fred Miller.

Anyone who does any type of speaking or teaching in front of groups can benefit from this book. The book focuses a lot on the how to but with that addresses the fear of public speaking indirectly. By looking at techniques, the fear goes away.

Find the book on Amazon here

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking (Glassophobia): Powerful Techniques for Creating Strong Social Presence, Staying Above Social Anxiety and Building Confidence

Author: Perez Dalton

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking is a guide for people who want to break the chains of fear when making a speech or presentation. The book has step by step guidelines teaching you to be better and more comfortable in speaking in front of groups.

Find the book on Amazon here

Getting instant success in public speaking: 50 Public Speaking Tips to help you start influencing your audience right away

Author: Bas van den Beld

Of course, we have to highlight our list of tips and tricks that will help you become a better speaker. In this book, you can find 50 of the best tips Bas shares with his students. Next to public speaking tips, you get tips on structuring a presentation, persuasion and handling nerves.

These tips and exercises will help you become a better speaker and conquer your anxiety at the same time.

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Quick tips on how to be a great communicator

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The best way to learn how to be a great communicator is by watching people who are already good at it.

Look for people who have the following qualities:

They listen. They don’t just wait until they can talk again. They’re listening, waiting to hear what you have to say, and then responding to your point of view.

They say what they mean and mean what they say. They’re direct and honest, and when they make an apology, it means something.

They’re flexible and open-minded in their approach to problems. They don’t get stuck on their own ideas because they know that there are always other ways of looking at things.

They use positive language — not negative or critical language — when communicating with others (and themselves). For example: “I want this done,” instead of “This needs doing.”

Do you know people who do this will? Start looking at them a bit closer and learn from them!

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