How to be (more) loveable like Pavarotti

The late opera singer Luciano Pavarotti was not just a great singer, he was also a very loveable person.

There is a video on the web where Pavarotti answers questions from the audience. The questions are about the most embarrassing moments that he ever had while on stage.

The way that Pavarotti answers these questions are a great example of what you can learn to become more loveable to your audience.

Become more loveable on stage, during a meeting or in a face-to-face talk using three things that Pavarotti did.

First, be visual in how you tell your story, not with slides, but with your body language.

Second, work on your timing, your speed and when to say which words

Finally, make fun of yourself, shows that you can put things in perspective.

These tips WILL make you more loveable!

See the full Pavarotti interview here: