What happens when people hear a story?

What happens when people hear a story?

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Why do we do storytelling? Because we heard we should? Or because it’s fun? Or because the audience wants it?

Yes, it is about the audience. But not because they want it, but because it changes the way they feel. If you tell a story on stage, something happens with people.

What happens? For example these things…

People get uplifted

A story will take people into a new world. And the right story will get them uplifted. They will feel happier and in a better place. They feel part of the hero’s journey. And because they saw the hero win, they feel happy for the hero. Of course, this has to be a positive story. A sad story won’t do this :-).

People get motivated

Once people feel uplifted, there is a good chance that the audience will also feel motivated. Motivated to act the way the hero in the story did. Or at least to reach the same goal as the hero. A good story can motivate people to take action. To get to a new world. Make sure to tell them to go there at the end of the story, they will thank you for it!

People feel connected

Anyone listening to a story will feel a bond building up with the one telling the story. That means the audience will feel more connected to you as a speaker. Which in turn means that they will be more inclined to listen to other things you have to say. Or sell…

People get to see the value of a product or service

Stories are also a great way of showing the value of a product or service. Note that I’ve highlighted value here. That’s because the story shouldn’t be about the product or service itself, but about what it has done for others. Reviews or client cases are a great example of stories that you can use. As long as you focus on the outcome. How did it make them better? Do that and the client can already imagine themselves having the same success.

People will start to care for you

Finally, there is the caring part of stories. As said above, it’s easier to make a connection with someone if they share a story. The same goes for caring. The better the story, the more relatable, the more the client will care about you.

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