Communication is everywhere. Getting better at communicating will help YOU and your business to flourish.

By 2030 soft skills will be more important than factual knowledge (Deloitte, 2019). Mastering skills like better communication and speaking is therefor becoming more important.

By presenting better you will be able to get your message spread. By doing better pitches you can sell more. By communicating better within your team, you will get more things done in a better way.

Speak with Persuasion helps you or your (co-)workers accomplish success through communication.

We provide the following workshops

All workshops are available virtual and when possible in person.

Presenting like a pro

Exercise internal presentations, practice talking to clients and more. The course can be made bespoke to the wishes of your company and talents within your staff.

Pitching for sales or investment

Good pitching skills are crucial for anyone. This workshop focuses on making your team stronger in pitches to clients or investors.

Ideation and innovation

Learn how to develop and facilitate brainstorming sessions. Create new innovations, get new ideas and generate hope & enthusiasm. 

Optimising your meetings

Sick of those boring and inefficient meetings? Get input and inspiration on how to run meetings that include everyone, are easy to work with, fun to join and get results!

Conversational workshop

Learn how to really talk to your colleagues, managers, clients or class! Learn increased connection, collaboration and the ability to make sense. 

Working with feedback

Giving colleagues and managers feedback is an essential skill. If you do this well, everyone will perform and communicate better.

Getting more confidence

Learn how to transform and build your confidence and self-esteem! Develop skills in order to increase effectiveness and comfort in communication.

Effective communication

Are you or is your team struggling to communicate and is miscommunication causing problems? Learn how to be aware, get tools, confidence and energy to create the impact you want by effective communication.

All workshops are interactive, full of exercises that help you understand how you can become the best possible communicator. They will give the attendees usable insights and tools to work with and build confidence to move forward.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to those we’ve helped before!

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