Corporate training

What if you were making money out of events? What if you were winning more pitches?

People within your organisation, including yourself, can start getting more leads from events and win more pitches. You can get more attention and interaction on the talks. You can dazzle and persuade the audience. You can win more pitches.

When speaking, you can have real impact!

Most businesses hardly get any new clients or new leads from speaking at events. Is your business one of them?

As an agency with speakers at an event, chances are, you are losing a lot of money. People are spending time and effort on preparing their presentations and being at events. That means they are spending your money. You fail to make an actual return on investment.

You don’t have enough impact.

You are not getting your money’s worth because the quality of speaking isn’t where it could be. The talks are not engaging enough. They don’t grab the attention of the audience. They don’t persuade. They are one of many and do not stand out.

Most pitches get lost because the presentation failed

You may have the best product, the best price, the best ROI, the best service. And yet you don’t win the pitch. Most pitches get decided on the delivery of the presentation. If the presentation for the pitch isn’t delivered well, you lose the pitch.

This happens all too often. For one simple reason: the people presenting aren’t ready for the job. Your employees work hard. But they often lack the experience. They miss the finesse of the professional speaker. You can’t blame them, it is not their main job.

It is possible: start making money of talks and pitches instead of losing money on it.


By getting your staff (or yourself) better prepared for a presentation. Not just helping them make a nice slide deck, but helping them to become a better speaker. By training them.

Or are you willing to keep losing money on speaking opportunities?

As a business, you can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you have always been travelling, or you can choose the road less travelled. The path of least resistance will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you’ve always received: too little ROI.

But if you want something different to happen. If you want to change the results your business gets from events. You’re going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome.

But that takes time!?

I can hear you think: “But wait a minute. Getting my staff prepared? That takes up a lot of time! And time is money! And I don’t want to spend that time and money myself!”

That is so true! We all know how it works. If you are a manager, CMO, CEO, founder or owner, so many other things are important. And as much as you want to help your staff prepare, you can’t always do that. Because even though you realise the importance of speaking, other things do need attention.

That’s why you should get your staff trained and capable of helping out each other. Which frees up more of your time!

You will be confident to send your staff to events or pitches because you know they can deliver.

Because you know they have impact. Because they can persuade.

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