Your Personal Speakers Plan

If you want to become a better speaker, there is a lot to think about. And since everyone is different, you can’t rely on generic checklists. 

You need a personal plan. Something that works for you.

This picture shows my son playing tennis. Before and sometimes during a tennis match, he sometimes looks at a note.

This note contains little tips and tricks to remember, given to him by his coach.

This note is his personal ‘plan’. It makes him a better player.

Having a personal speakers plan makes you a better speaker. It will help you deliver a great speech every single time.

You can get your personal speaker plan!

You want to be a better speaker? Great!

Let us analyse your speaking skills and we’ll create a personal speakers plan for you! We will analyse your strengths and weaknesses and tell you where and how to improve.

What is in the plan?

When you get your speakers plan it will be full of information that will help you further:

  • It will show what your strengths are
  • What makes you stand out
  • It will show your points of improvements
  • Goal settings
  • Your practices
  • Your areas of focus
  • Your personal checklist
  • and more!

How does it work?

All we need is to see your talk and have a Skype call with you. 

Based on your talks and a conversation with you, we look at what is important for you as a speaker. 

With all this information we will make you a personal plan, which will help you improve over time. You will have your own ‘checklist’ that you can use when preparing for a talk.

Then what?

When you have the plan, you can start being better every time!

  • You will know where and how to improve your speaking skills.
  • You will have a plan that helps you each time you do a talk. Look at your plan, remember the most important elements and your talk will go great!
  • You will see improvement each time you do a presentation

If you want to know more? Get in touch now and we’ll send you the details of the possibilities and set up a call!

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