Sales Pitch Training

Sales pitches are there to be won. Persuading your potential client is the key to success. You can win every pitch you enter!

You may recognise this scenario:

This is the client you want to win. And you are certain you will convince them. Your team has prepared a great slide deck for the sales pitch. You will win this pitch. Because you worked so hard on it! Others don’t stand a chance.

And then the dreadful message comes: you’ve lost the pitch.

Why did this happen? What went wrong? All the hard work, for nothing! You and your team are devastated. How could this have happened?

But you know what? You could have won that pitch!

Often it isn’t the best company or proposal that wins. The one that wins is the one that is presented best.

Ok, maybe you can’t win all pitches. But you can win most. By being able to persuade the potential client. By understanding how to beat your competitors. And this can be learned!

You can win most pitches with the right presentation!

Our pitching training focuses on making your team stronger in pitches to clients. Your team will learn how to persuade and how to stand out.

What will we do in the training session?

In the training session, there will be attention for…

  • the current situation: we will look at strengths and weaknesses
  • building the right story
  • understanding and connecting with those you are pitching
  • persuasion in presenting
  • body language
  • specific tips and tricks on pitching

What will your staff learn?

When the workshop is over the attendees will have learned…

  • how to touch on the right topics when pitching
  • how to persuade
  • how to get to know the potential client
  • how to be remembered and how to show their business
  • how to build a story in a pitch
  • how to build a great deck
  • specific tips and tricks that will make them better at pitching

Who is it for?

Who should attend this course?

  • Teams that want to learn how to be better at pitching
  • Teams that want to sharpen their persuasion skills
  • Teams struggling to win pitches
  • Teams that want to be more effective in winning pitches
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