Delivery options presentation feedback

Thank you for your answers! Really helpful! The only thing I need to know, is how you want to receive your results.

There are two ways to receive your results:

1. via email (for free).
You will receive a file containing the information in your inbox

2. In person.
We will do a Skype call in which we walk through the remarks (don’t worry, you will also receive them in text).

Attention: Results are sent back to you within two weeks because I need to fit it into my agenda.
If you want a faster response, choose the fast delivery option!

    You can get your results back in a file that I sent you or you can talk to me in person!
  • The results will be sent to you within 2 weeks time. Is your speaking gig around the corner? Do you want your results back fast? Get your results within a week!
  • For confirmation, please leave your name again
  • I'll also use this email to get in touch if you've opted for in person feedback!

Thank you! That's it!

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