Behind storytelling

Why do we even need storytelling? Is it just because of the hype? Or is there something more to it? Everybody is talking about it, so it must be something good, right?

Well, only if you do it right. And to do it right, you need to understand the reasoning behind storytelling. In this section we will talk about what storytelling can do for you and what it does to those you tell a a story to. You’ll find lessons about the Why of Storytelling and how to use storytelling in business and you’ll find links to relevant articles and pages outside of this class.

The Why of Storytelling

What makes Storytelling important? Why are we as humans so perceptive for stories? The why behind Storytelling is explained

Business Storytelling

Is Storytelling only interesting for consumers? Absolutely not! Any business can benefit. Let’s look at how.

Supporting articles

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