The Character

There is one element your story cannot go without: a character. The character is crucial, because it is what your audience can relate to. They need to identify with the character.

In this section, we will dive into the character. What is important, how to determine your character and how to create the character.

This section is divided in two areas: the background of your character and creating the character.

The background of your character

About your Character

In this lesson we will look at things that are important to know about your character. A lot of things matter!

The journey of your character

Your character goes on a journey. But what type of journey? Learn how to look at the journey of your hero.

The Character’s World

We will look at the character’s world. What does it look like? Where does he or she live? And what happens in that world?

A deeper look at the hero

Is your hero real? Or is it fake? And is he or she good or bad? Learn different ways to look at the hero.

Creating your character

First steps to creating your character

Let’s start creating your character! Learn where to start and build up your character.

Creating the character

Let’s create your character! In this lesson you’ll learn what to do to create the perfect character.

Flaws and strengths of your character

A character has a personality and thus strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to use them.