The Core Action Part

The “Core Action Part” is where it all happens in the story. This is where the character runs into obstacles. This is where the audience can see the story unfold. It is a big chunk of the work to create this part.

In this section we discuss the conflicts that the characters will face. We look at growth opportunity, obstacles and stakes.

Why you need conflict and the growth opportunity

Conflict and a growth opportunity are crucial for any story. You’ll learn why in this lesson.

The dramatic question or incident

Your goal is to create tension so the audience will keep on listening. For that you need a dramatic question or incident.

Creating obstacles

OK, so an obstacle is important. But how do you create these obstacles? You’ll learn here!

Building out your characters growth opportunity

The growth opportunity needs attention, because it determines the outcome. Let’s look closer.

Building out the big conflict

To keep the tension alive, you need to build out the big conflict. In this lesson you’ll learn what it takes to do that.


To make your audience root for your character, you will need stakes. Learn why and how.