Coaching sessions for speakers: become a better speaker

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Are you someone who speaks in front of audiences, at a conference, pitching, in training sessions or perhaps internally in your company?

Then you know good preparation makes a great presentation.

That sometimes means you are struggling with finding your voice, the structure of your talk. Or you want to tell that great story. Perhaps you even get nervous.

I’d like to help you with that!

Get coaching sessions

As a speaker, you are ‘on your own’ most of the time. You don’t get much feedback or coaching. Let’s change that! As your personal coach, we focus on you and you alone. Like he helped others, Bas can personally help you become even better. Through face to face talks at events or virtual talks using Skype. On a regular basis, we will connect and talk about how we can make you a better speaker.

And don’t just take my word for it. Listen to those that have done these sessions before!

In these sessions we can help you by answering questions, looking at specific topics or working on individual improvements. In the sessions, you get instant feedback as well as tips and tricks that are just for you! In the coaching sessions, we can also work together on your personal speaker’s plan.

Coaching also means we can help you with the preparations for your presentations, from practicing to looking at your slide decks! Coaching sessions can be done in person or via Skype.

Together we will make your presentation stands out.

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