A good presentation has a great start, a solid and constructive middle and a smashing ending.

Sounds easy right? Then why is it so difficult? Why is it that so many presentations just don’t make sense at all? Why do so few presentations have real impact?

It’s because structuring a presentation isn’t easy at all. In fact, it’s hard!

As an expert, it’s not easy to get your message across

When you are the expert on a topic, making sure those listening to the talk will understand is hard. Maybe even because you are the expert. It’s easy to be the expert, it’s hard to step into the shoes of your audience. You know what is right. They should just listen to you!

But they won’t. Not unless you understand how the human brain works. So you can have the highest impact possible.

Let me tell you a story…

I saw a conversation between a mother and a son the other day. They were talking about his room. He wanted his room to be different than it was. He wanted something new. It was clear that in her household, she is the expert when it comes to interior decoration. She knew it all!

The conversation was one that I thought was how all conversations between experts and clients should be. It was engaging, it was fun. They agreed! Together, they were creating the most awesome room ever.

Until they didn’t.

At one point the woman took out her iPad and she said: “I saw this great wallpaper, I’ve bookmarked it. Let me find it.”

The boy looked at her with delight, waiting for the result.

“And when we put that on your wall..,” she continued while browsing, “…we can finally get rid of your stupid footballposters you have hanging on your walls.”

That’s when the conversation changed. I’ll never forget the boys’ face. A face of disbelieve.

“But mom..”, the boy said, “that is the best thing in my room!”

The boy had lost trust. From that point on, he didn’t want any of the changes his mom suggested anymore. He didn’t want her to come near his room.

But she was the expert! And her wallpaper was very nice. But the boy didn’t go for it. In fact, if he would have been her client, she would have lost the client.

If only she had thought about her audience a little more…

This happens all the time

It’s not you.

I see this happening all the time in presentations. The expert (you?) knows her or his stuff. What they want to say is awesome. They’re just not saying it in the right way. It doesn’t resonate with their audience.

I’ve had this problem myself in the past. When I was talking about my products or services, I could see the audience glaze at me. They didn’t get it,

Turns out, the content was good, the delivery was good, but the structure was wrong.

It has happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to the best speakers. Those that are real experts on their topics.

It happens because the experts don’t know how to get the message across.

They haven’t figured out how to tell the right story. They haven’t figured out the ultimate way to make presentations stick.

They haven’t found the way to have real impact yet.

And when you have real impact, that means your presentation makes a difference:
– You will sell more of your product or service
– You will get people talking about your presentation
– You will have more fans!
– You will look like the smartest person in the room, because you are!

You can fix this

Structuring your presentation in the right way will make you have real impact. It will make that your audience actually takes away the important parts of your talk. They will do what you tell them to do!

How? By having the right build up of the presentation. By impacting the brain of your audience.

If you understand their brain, you know how to have impact on their brain.

Using the right neuromarketing strategies on your presentations is the key to impacting your audience.

Let me help you!

Can you do this? You can! But you need to know what boxes to tick. You need to know which strategies work and which don’t.

I’ve dealt with this problem many times before. When I just started out, I was guilty of doing the exact same thing. But not anymore. I figured out how it works.

I figured out the strategy to built slide-decks that are crafted so my audience understands and acts on it. My strategy makes sure the presentation has impact.

By using neuromarketing strategies and tacts, my presentations have impact.

Don’t just take my word for it, others say so as well:

And I want you to have that same strategy.

Let me help you give your presentations more impact.

Have your talk tested

Send me your deck, I can look at the structure of your talk and give you the ingredients for you to improve to have real impact!

Your presentation will make more sense to your audience. You will feel more confident when speaking.

And most important: you will have real impact!

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You can imagine this is quite valuable. In fact, it’s even hard to put a price on it. Some told me it was worth over $500 to them. But I wanted more people to benefit from this, so I decided to only charge $99!


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You will get a list of points that will make your presentation more powerful. Instant changes that will only take a minute to change.

Don’t worry, it will still be your presentation. It’s your story, your knowledge. I will treat your presentation with full confidentiality.
I will give you some neuromarketing tactics to use!

More important: you will get the confidence and tools to have a real impact!

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